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Fire Resistant Materials


Fire Resistant Materials

Fire-resistant decorations are useful to help minimize and prevent fire damage. Materials created to be fire-resistant, such as linens, draperies and upholstery, are readily available to anyone decorating a hotel, providing an added level of comfort and protection.

Fire Resistant Materials

What are Fire-Resistant Materials?

Fire-resistant materials --- commonly found in places of public congregation, as well as households -- include items such as curtains and upholstery. Their purpose is to minimize fire damage, as well as prevent fire.

Fire Resistant Materials


Fire-resistant materials appear no different from common non-fire-resistant materials. They normally are extremely durable and have great sound absorption since the majority of fire-resistant curtains are made out of top-quality fabric.

Fire Resistant Materials

How they work

If a fire or flame touches the chemicals on the curtain, the material immediately undergoes a chemical reaction in response and helps slow the fire down by decreasing combustion.


Many public places can use only FR-certified materials as their decorations, including their curtains and upholstery. These places include hotels, churches, schools, universities, and theaters.